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Huzzah and how! The claims list has (finally) been updated! *tosses cookies around*

Claims List as of December 26th, 2005.

Okay! Because I've been such a crappy mod to this community, (and because I feel bad), and because, well, this is the festive season (or... "was" the festive season... <--[late]), I am going to... DUNDUNDUN!... allow everyone who currently has a claim in the Claims List a second claim!

So, if you currently hold a claim as of December 26th, 2005, then you will be allowed a second claim. Anyone else after this date; sorry, I can't give an extra claim. =\

The usual rules still apply;

- NO claiming a character that's already been claimed.

- NO switching characters. :( You can't say, "I want to drop my current claim of [character], and then I want to claim [two characters]." Switching isn't allowed here, remember?
If you want to give up a character, then okay. From that, you can then claim one more. So I will allow, "I want to drop my claim of [character], and claim [another character] as a second claim." :)

- Note; second claim, not third, not fourth. Only one more claim per person!

Also please note that in order to claim a second character, you COMMENT to this post. You don't need to post another entry, just comment here with the name of your current claim, and the second character. :)

If you are a newcomer who hasn't made a claim here before, then you can just ignore this post, and claim as per normal (a normal post in the community journal with your claim).

Cheers guys! HAPPY [belated] FESTIVITIES!

Much Love,
~ Rea ♥
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