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Animated Claims

Claim your heart's animated desire!

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Animated Claims

Ever wanted an animated character to call your very own? Whether it be Daria, Captain Planet or Duo Maxwell, you've come to the right place. Here, you can stake your claim over any animated character. So join the community and get claiming!


This community is for claiming animated characters only. This includes anime, cartoons, and 3D animation. No video game characters will be accepted. Those can be claimed at game_claims.
Please make all claims in the community journal. Claims in the comments will be ignored. To post in the community journal, you must join the community by clicking on the link at the top of this page. Please also state with your claim, the series the character is from, and whether it is anime/cartoons/3D animation. Please note that once a character is claimed, *all* their states, conciences, forms, etc. have been claimed. (ie. Inu Yasha, demon form, human form, half demon; they all go as one claim.

Each Person Is Allowed One Claim
Claims list will be updated weekly on Saturday. Please check the claims list before making a claim. This includes the community journal since the previous Saturday.
No Trading.

No Changing.

No Sharing.

Off Topic posts are not allowed and will be deleted. As will any posts not posted in a courteous manner. Your moderator is san and the resident Ghost Mod is wickedcherub. Please forward any enquiries their way.

Claims List

See here.

Additional claims may be given, as prizes for contests, in the future. Stay tuned.